Combat Robot St. Agro

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St. Agro was built mostly by Terry and Andrew Blewett and rebuilt then rebuilt a few more times until it was a halfway decent "heavy weight" combat robot. Many thanks to all the people who helped us.St. Agro Logo
I'd brought a bunch of electronic junk home with me. I've no memory of what I was planning to do with it or what happened to it later. My kids saw it and thought that we could build a robot out of it. So I agreed and just never got round to starting it.
Then Robot Wars started on TV, you can guess what kind of robot they wanted me to make.
We have enjoyed the many events that we went to and made some very good friends along the way.
We were semi finalists in series seven of Robot Wars and had some major rebuilding to do after getting shredded. Its a shame that the BBC cancelled the series as it encouraged a lot of kids to become interested in engineering and a lot of dads to say "I could do that" and have a go.
St. Agro was retired, taking up space and gathering dust but has been given a second lease of life.  Will Thomas is driving him now and is actively competing as Maelstrom.

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Who knows one day all the robots that are gathering dust and just waiting for the chance may rise up for one last battle. In fact I even designed a new combat method around the idea. 8Ack Robot Combat

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