Advice for Clan Captains
Points for goals are easier to come by than any other.
Make sure that all your drivers are on the lookout for an undefended goal and go for it if they can. If they spot an undefended goal then they shout to the nearest robot in your clan to go for it.
In general when your 3 on 3 you have to decide wether to go with 2 defense and 1 attack or 1 defense and 2 attack. If your behind on points then you need to put more into the attack.
Try to disable one of the oposing clan as early as possible to give your clan a 3 to 2 advantage. This may mean 2 of your robots going after 1 of theirs. Whilst your toughest robot takes the flak.
Make sure that you have practised some coordinated attacks.If you have 2 robots on the attack and the other clan only has 1 in defense. Pushing the other clans robot into the goal button by both of your clans robots will get you a point and probably damage their robot.
Don't forget to gain a few fair play points. These will be decisive if the clans are tied.
Sudden death by taking out the last robot of the other clan will gain you 3 points. Remember to check the points position first. You could find that you have just lost. If the other clan is ahead then you must switch to blocking and more importantly racking the points up.
Make sure that your drivers are covering the goal first and each other second.
Don't let your drivers break the rules, you will lose points.

A clan with average robots, good driving and well rehearsed tactics will generally beat a team of better robots that don't fight as a clan.

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