1 point

Hitting the opposing clans goal button

A goal button is a tyre chained to the side of the arena with a spotlight to light it and you hit it with a robot. Hitting goal buttons is the principal way of scoring points.

1 point


Given if you help an opposing robot which has become stuck in your half back to its own half during a Count In.

1 point

Immobilising an opposing clan robot

The opposing clans robot has not moved under its own power beyond 2 meters for thirty seconds. This is difficult as other robots can turn over or unstack a robot that has become stuck. Of course you can always rip them to shreds or throw them out of the arena etc. But you still only get 1 point.

3 points

Immobilising the last robot in the opposing clan

Note This is not cumalative. If you defeat the last robot you only get 3 points. Not 1 point for the defeat and another 3 for the last robot.
This is also the end of the battle.


1 point

Own Goal

If a robot hits its own goal button when scoring is active then the clan lose a point. It doesn't matter if they have been pushed or thrown into the button by the opposing clan. The penalty will still apply. The other clan will not receive an additional point for the goal only the point for the penalty. An Own Goal can not be caused by an immobilised robot. Immobilised robots should be cleared away from the goal area into the arena corners by active robots during the freeze.

1 point

Standing Down

If a roboteer feels that their robot is getting badly trashed and they don't want to take any more pain. Then they will tell their clan captain that they are Standing Down. The clan captain will sound their Klaxton to start a freeze.

1 point

Failure To Return

If a robot fails to move into its own half during the Count In then the referee will sound his klaxton and roboteers will Freeze. The referee will announce that robot X has Failed To Return 1 point to the opposing clan. The Count In will be restarted. A thirty second Count Out for that robot will also be started. No use of weapons is allowed during a Count In. If robots are Tangled then no penalty will be given for Failure To Return to their own half.

1 point

Failure To Freeze

Hands should be clearly taken off controls, neck straps for transmitters are recommended.

2 points

Failure To Freeze And Continued Attack

If in addition to Failure To Freeze a robot continues an attack then its transmitter will be placed in the Sin Bin for the time that it takes for the other team to score 2 points.

3 points

Failure To Freeze And Imobalising of an opposing clans robot

If the attack results in the imobalising or defeating of the other robot then a 3 point penalty will be given and the transmitter placed in the sin bin for the remainder of the match.

5 points plus level up of score if needed

Failure To Freeze And Imobalising the last of the opposing clans robots

If the attack results in the imobalising or defeating of the last robot then a 5 point penalty will be given and a level up. This is the end of the battle. So that the attacking robots clan can not gain from this tactic, their opponants score will be levelled up if they are behind with 5 points then added so that they win with a good margin.

1 point


Deliberately stopping another clans robot from returning to their own half during a Count In. No penalty will be given against the robot that was Blocked for Failure To Return to their own half.

2 points

Unnecessary Trashing

If an immobilised robot is attacked by any weapon or rammed at full speed . Bumping into an opposing robot or moving it out of the way to get at the goal button is OK as long as this is obviously not an attack.

2 points

Not Ready To Fight

If a clan cannot start with three ready to fight robots. So in the event of only being able to field two robots and an "unable to fight robot" The clan will start with a two point penalty. A clan that cannot field three robots with at least two able to fight will be withdrawn from the competition.

Up to 5 points and the compulsory use of yellow strip

Cowardly Tactics

This is only to be considered where the clan captain has Stood Down the last active robot in a clan and the clan is ahead on points.

Example If a robot that is getting trashed Stands Down then only a single point penalty is applied. However if the clan has two robots disabled and is far enough ahead in points, they may be tempted to just Stand Down the last robot and lose the three points for having all three robots out of action. The additional 5 point penalty is only to be applied if in the referee and tech checkers opinions the last robot has not taken enough damage to warrant a Stand Down. The referee will warn the clan captain that this penalty is available and they will be asked if they wish to reconsider. If the Stand Down is withdrawn then the battle is restarted with a Count In. If it is not then visible damage and control of the robot must be checked thoroughly by both referee and two tech checkers with a majority verdict being reached. If this penalty is applied then the clan must wear yellow as their strip in their next battle or they will not be allowed to compete.

Referees may find other manipulations of the system which they may wish to use this penalty for and are warned to use it with discretion.

Up to 5 points and the clan may be disqualified Destruction of a goal button If a goal button is destroyed then play must cease. The referee will signal a freeze and checkout the damage. The maximum penalty is used where the button was attacked with a weapon and no spare is available. The minimum penalty is used where the damge was accidental and no weapon was used. The middle ground is at the referees discretion.

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