On entry to a competition

The clan captain will give the organiser a list with clan name and the names of robots

After tech checks and all clan lists are in, a draw is organised

Repeat after each draw is announced

Twenty minutes after the draw all clan captains will give a list of their three Chosen robots to the organisers. The organisers will post competing clan line ups at the same time.

If you have three robots in your clan then all robots are Chosen to fight. If your clan has four or five robots then the others stay on the bench for the first battle. Only one rambot/brick may be chosen, this should keep some diversity in the battles. If your clan loses and their robots are not needed in further battles then they may fight in individual combat against robots from other clans or barbarian robots who are not part of any clan yet.

The tactics of the clan captains in trying to put up their best formation against a partially unknown line up will be interesting. After their first battle in an event the clan captain will be very lucky if they have five robots to choose from for the next round.

8Ack Definition Version 1.21

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