Long ago, in the echoes of humanities past, one of our ancestors decided that he would huddle cold in the dark no longer. Thus he harnessed the power of fire. Millennia later humanity has now harnessed the very earth itself, drawing out its precious metals and mutating them, through fire, into shapes far more pleasing.
To build creations of metal and fire great skill was needed. Those with enough skill tested their abilities through robotic combat. The people watched with awe and wonder at the clash of metal in battle.
But there were those who feared this rise of the metal warrior's. They banished robotic combat to the wilderness in the hope that the people would lay it aside.
For many years robotic combat was held with stealth, carefully nurtured by those most strong in the skill. New forms and abilities developed amongst the metal warriors but so to did the friendships amongst the skilled. Clans were formed, alliances forged and elite clans arose. Metal was once more mutated, this time to
work for the good of the clan.

The 8Ack Clan Battles began.