This set of files make up the 8Ack Arena Monitor.
After the first time of trying to play 8Ack it was obvious that
keeping track of what was happening was a really tough job.

So I wrote a program to help.
It will track scores, count ins, etc and comes with arena sounds.
If you set a mouse up with a couple of reed relays for the middle and right button and then 'click' them from the goal buttons. You
have an automatic goal tracking system with first hit logic bult

You install in three steps as the language that I've used has a fairly poor quality distribution build system.

The base install. download it, open the zipped folder and then run setup.exe. This will install all the runtime stuff that the program needs and by default create a folder called 8ACKMONITOR on your c: drive.

The exe file, download it, open the zipped folder and drag the exe file into the folder that you created in step 1.

The sound files, download it, open the zipped folder and drag the
files into the folder from step 1.

Now double click on the exe file and you should be running.

You start by clicking 'Roboteers Ready', when your clan captains signal that they are ready click the 'Go' button. After play has been halted (by a goal or penalty) you should restart by clicking the return 'Start' button. Then you click 'Roboteers Ready' and the 'Go' button. Count out timers for damaged bots can be stated at any time but will only decrement when scoring is active.
You can simulate goal buttons being hit by using the middle and right mouse buttons.

An audiance introduction script download it to be used with the sound control panel is available if you need it.

8Ack Definition Version 1.21

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